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Our Helpful Guide

DOG BREED SIZE GUIDE -Please measure your dog as the below are approximate sizes only

9" Length - (12-14" Torso) Tea-cup, Puppy chihuahua
12" Length - (12-16" Torso) Toy breeds, Chihuahua, Yorkie
14" Length - (16-21" Torso) Terrier, Jack russell, Mini poodle, Bichon Frisé, Shih Tzu
16" Length - (20-25" Torso) Parsons Jack russell, West Highland, King Charles/Cocker spaniel
18" Length - (22-27" Torso) Springer Spaniel, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Standard Pug
20" Length - (24-29" Torso) Spaniel, Bull Dog, Boxer
22" Length - (26-31" Torso) Pointer, Vizla, Labrador, Border Collie, Standard Poodle
24" Length - (28-33" Torso) Vizla, Labrador,Border Collie, Retriever, Dalmation, Weimaraner

SIGHTHOUND BREED SIZE GUIDE -Please measure your dog as the below are approximate sizes only.

14" Length - Small Italian Greyhound (Bitch)
16 Length - Medium Italian Greyhound (Large Bitch/ Small Dog)
18" Length - Large Italian Greyhound (Large Dog)
20" Length - Small Whippet (Bitch)
22" Length - Medium Whippet (Large Bitch/ Small Dog)
24" Length -  Large Whippet (Large Dog)
26" Length - Small Greyhound (Bitch)
28" Length - Medium Greyhound (Large Bitch/ Small Dog)
30" Length - Large Greyhound (Large Dog)

Although all our coats come in generic sizes to suit all breeds, you have the option to enter your dogs unique measurments so for no extra charge we can ensure you coat fits just right.

When checking out please select the back size required from the list of available sizes and enter any extra measurements as shown below in the 'extra measurements' box provided if you wish to have a longer belt for example.

The illustration below shows how to measure your hound, and can be entered in the 'extra measurements' tab when checking out.

1- Select the Length of back from bottom of neck (in between shoulder blades) to dock of tail and select from drop down list provided.
2- Chest Circumference (the deepest part).
3- Neck Circumference (roughly were the dogs collar would sit).
4- Waist of the hound.

Any additional measurements you feel appropriate please also let us know as well as any other factors you feel appropriate such as lifestyle which may affect the hounds shape. If you have any problems measuring your hound or need more information please contact the Minkeys Tweed team who will be more than happy to help you.

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