Leather Heart Collars

Leather Heart Collars


Our Minkeys Tweed leather dog collar and lead collection has been exclusively handmade incorporating our favourite colours to compliment our current coat collections, so your hound can sport the entire Minkeys Tweed look! 


The hound collars are all handmade from the highest quality materials, padded and lined with soft Italian leather, whilst still being extremely strong and hard wearing. These unique collars are the ultimate everyday chic country accessory for your hound. 


  • Handmade exclusively for Minkeys Tweed
  • Made with soft Italian Leather
  • Padded for ultimate comfort 


Breed Size Guide:

XXS 18-22 cm, 3.5cm wide  (Italian Greyhound/ puppy/ Toy Breed)

XS  22-28 cm, 3.5cm wide (Italian Greyhound/ puppy)

S  28-33 cm, 4cm wide (Terrier/Whippet/ Basenji)

M  33-42cm, 5cm wide (Saluki/ Greyhound/ Labrador/ Border Collie)

L  40-50cm, 5.5cm wide (Staff/ Afghan Hound/ Borzoi/ Deerhound)